“Ben Reed is the most inspiring cocktail expert in the world. His passion and personality make cocktails accessible and fun.”

Salvatore Calabrese, The Maestro

Ben Reed’s incredibly passionate and witty presentation style combined with a uniquely interactive delivery creates a hugely engaging and entertaining alternative to conventional after-dinner speaking. In demand for television and radio appearances, his ‘Bartender’s Guide to…’ series of insightful and intellectually stimulating presentation topics provides an original approach to inspiring an audience with key motivational messages.

The ‘Bartender’s Guide to…’ series of speaking topics includes:

– Psychology & personality
– Communicating with passion
– Coming to your senses
– Standing out from the crowd
– Financial mixology

“Ben Reed delivered an exceptionally entertaining and motivating 40 minute presentation to over 150 delegates. He is an incredibly passionate and inspiring individual and our senior team have already requested him to return.”

Event Director, UBS