“Ben Reed is one of our most successful and popular authors. Cool Cocktails sold over 350,000 copies and has been translated into seven languages. His laid-back writing style has brought the art of the cocktail from behind the bar into people’s living rooms.”

Ryland Peters & Small

Ben Reed has published fourteen books on the subject of cocktails. From coffee table hardbacks and books to inspire a new generation, he has written bartender guides and books with specific themes covering Hollywood films, parties, punches and much more. His books have been translated into over seven languages and are available in 25 countries.

The popularity and success of his books has contributed to strong demand for Ben’s written features, blogs and regular articles in both mainstream and industry publications. His global reach ensures a broad readership and international audience attracting both industry opinion formers and cocktail enthusiasts.

Case Study: A Bartender’s Guide

– An easy access reference book and cocktail manual used by bartenders and in the home
– Recipes and variations of classic and contemporary cocktails
– Introductory features, social commentary, vibrant images and detailed production techniques

Case Study: The Times

– Weekly column (‘Barfly’) in the Times Magazine running for 2 years
– The first contemporary cocktail column in a broadsheet newspaper
– Entertaining and insightful stories from life at the Met Bar

“Barfly provides an insight into what’s happening behind the red rope at London’s most talked about bar.”

The Times